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It’s been quite the week for Lindsay Lohan. First she gets called out by Oprah, THEN she announced plans to get married…on the small screen, and now? She’s topping it off by having a water war with Jimmy Fallon. What’s up guys, and happy Friday! So during Thursday night’s episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the 27-year-old star took part in one of his infamous water wars, which if you didn’t know, is basically the card game War — but whoever loses gets water thrown in their face. It’s so simple yet so…brilliant. Also, they each have five cups of water, and whoever uses all their cups on the other person first wins — and gets to blast the loser with a super soaker. However, before things got started, Lindsay wanted to take a quick selfie so she could show off the before and after. Then, after a few heated — or should we say, watery? — rounds, Lindsay emerged victorious as she joked about having the power of Oprah on her side. Don’t joke about the power of Oprah — that stuff is REAL. Either way, check out Lindsay as she super soaked the loser, aka Jimmy.

That looks like fun! And weirdly a good way to let out some aggression? What do YOU think of Lindsay’s super-soaking fun? Shout out what you’re thinking in that comments section below, and click right here to get all the deets on Lindsay’s (TV) wedding. And while you’re at it, hit that subscribe button to stay updated on all things Clevver. I’m your host Dana Ward, thanks for tuning in, and of course — TGIF!

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