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Ariana debuts a brand new tattoo — and if you didn’t get the memo, JB did too just the other day. Hey guys, so just to bring you one more entertainment news story before the weekend of fun, here’s how AG made the ink announcement. She took to her Instagram page to show off the text on the back of her neck, saying “mille tendresses” — which I definitely cannot see, so I’m trusting our friends over at Just Jared. This is a French phrase that means a thousand tendernesses or simply said, LOVE. Based on Ariana’s constant spreading of the love, and the fact that she already has a heart tattoo on her two, this latest skinart is oh-so-fitting for the musician. As I mentioned, Justin also got a tattoo this week. It’s clearly a replica of a famous street artwork called Balloon Girl by Banksy. Since it features a girl whose balloon is floating away, Justin’s photo caption fittingly reads “Don’t let your dreams float away” and Banksy fans have since been poking fun at the artist saying that it’s starting to happen. And because of the criticism that JB or the tattoo artist should be sued for ripping off the design, the artist Glen Hartless responded on his Instagram page by saying QUOTE “we weren’t after a carbon copy rip off. More subtle imagery”. Well, it does look almost identical, but if I were into tattoos and getting a Banksy-inspired one, I’d probably want it to look as identical as possible too. Alright, so do you Ariana’s message of love or Justin’s message of following your dreams better? Vote in the comments section below, and of course, we’ve got tons of JB tattoo stories, but can you remember that very first, super controversial tattoo that Justin got?? Click right here for that walk down memory lane. I’m Dana Ward for ClevverNews. See you next time, bye!

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