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We’re barely three months into 2014, and there are already not one, not two, but NINE celebrities that we could use a little less of! Some stars are constantly making headlines, but we’d be A-OK if we didn’t hear about them for the remainder of 2014. We still love them. We’re just exhausted from reading about them day after day. And don’t lie — you know you’re with us on this. So, who is the first celebrity to be bestowed with this overexposed “honor”? It’s not so much a person, as it is a couple — Jelena.
The roller coaster relationship between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez is once again on track (if you can call it that). The two split in late 2012, but have been on and off ever since. This year they were seen segueing in LA- RIGHT before Selena went to rehab and Justin got a DUI. Fast forward to March: JB called Selena. Not to mention that “sly” Instagram dance video of Jelena that was quickly deleted. Seriously you two — make up your minds already. If anything, for OUR own sanity.
Next on our overexposed list, we have Jennifer Lawrence. Now hear us out on this — this doesn’t mean we love J-Law any less, it just means that she we’ve been seeing a lottt of her lately. And we blame it on the Oscars. Between her first fall, and the second fall, that line about flashing her boobs to Ellen, the arm fat jiggling, it might be too much, even despite our love for JLaw. Luckily, we’ll be getting a little break from her since her next movie –X-Men: Days of Future Past — doesn’t come out until May. A little breather is just what we need to fall for her all over again. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, ya know?
Now, from one Hollywood darling, to another It Girl — albeit a fallen one — Lindsay Lohan. She had water thrown at her face by Jimmy fallen, her docu-series Lindsay just premiered on OWN, and then there’s ALL the talk surrounding a Mean Girls reunion — which we’re on board for! — we just wish it would happen already. Oh and let’s not forget about the juiciest detail of all –her, um, list of conquests? The internet can’t stop talking about Lindsay’s many Hollywood hook ups including Justin Timberlake, Zac Efron, Adam Levine, and MANY more. Girl…..
Speaking of someone’s relationships getting put in the spotlight, Taylor Swift has the next spot on our list. Except, it’s not actually romantic relationships that have made Tay overexposed this year — it’s her regular ol’ friendships! Yes, Taylor has been gallivanting around with the likes of Lorde, Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss, and even one of her exes exes, Cara Delevinge. And naturally, she’s been posting all their fun times on Instagram — CONSTANTLY — which actually leads us to believe — is she just trying to make Selena Gomez jealous since they’re on the outs now that Selena has taken Justin back? (GASP!) Guess we didn’t think of it like that! Another relationship, or lack thereof, really, that’s had everyone talking is Katy Perry and John Mayer. Yet another on again off again couple that has consistently made headlines this year — but this time it’s because they’re off again. Dang, we were really rooting for these two! And naturally after news of their split broke there was lots of he said/she said stuff. John made out with a Soul Cycle instructor so they split! Katy partied too much so they broke up! There’s a moving truck outside her apartment! KATY’S SUPER BUSY AND DOESN”T HAVE TIME FOR HIM. Does it really matter at this point? Come on, don’t you just think they’ll end up getting back together? Alright next up is none other than Lady Gaga. Now, it’s not really the coverage of Mother Monster that’s been worry some, but rather, almost the lack of coverage. And since there’s been somewhat of a lull on the Gaga front, it’s lead to tons of fan speculation, which is worst than straight up news stories. Some fans are saying Gaga has been putting off her Artpop tour due to poor sales… then there’s her crazy South by Southwest antics. Apparently she was three sheets to the wind at a party during the trendy festival. Come on girl, get it together. Speaking of someone who needs to get it together, can we all just agree that the Kardashians are soooo 2009? We’ve had some great times with them, but between Kim’s and Kanye’s lavish Parisian wedding plans to Bruce Jenner’s surgery rumors…we’re TIRED of keeping up with the Kardashians. Yeah, and Kendall and Kylie, too. YOU HEARD US. We’re over it.

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